David Webb – Jewelry to the Star

The catchy title speaks the luxury goods company is the purveyor of classic jewels to the rich and famous. A great work of art is the David Webb – the U. S. A. ornaments company. David Webb has created a rich tradition of design, craftsmanship, creativity combined with artistic vision as an iconic American ornaments house. Since its inception, the jeweler company has offered the most gorgeous, bold, and meticulously designed luxurious and elegant luxury pieces in the world.

Want to make a David Webb tour? Below is a short detail of what David Webb stands for.

David Webb is better known for its collections and categories that draw the stars and celebrities magnetically to their luxury goods. All the stars are famous for their charming, good style statement.

What collections of jewelry David Webb offer?

57th Street: The tryst of American fashion and culture is New York 57th Street. So the charm materials are for the rich, famous, and for the sophisticated and are urbane, stylish, and elegant.

Ancient World: The ancient world has a fascination for the founder of the company. He seeks inspiration from whatever is classic. So in this collection, the trinket lovers will have the all ancient art reproduced and imagined in Webb’s hand – a self-taught jewelry designer.

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Harry Winston – The Best Jewelry Company in the USA

this is an image of the best jewelry in the united states

Women always become interested in using jewelry so that beautify themselves. Undoubtedly, jewelry increases the elegance of women and they look pretty much gorgeous whenever they endure jewelry. That is why people especially women are looking for the best jewelry company as usual. But surprisingly, purchasing jewelry is quite difficult, so, that sometimes people fall into deception into choosing the precious and perfect materials. Though, they can hardly purchase their expected jewelry, but spend excessive cost ever. Concerning this fact, you have to find out the best jewelry company in the USA where you can keep your reliance on getting better service.

Therefore, Harry Winston, an American jewelry company is the most reputable store for providing all kinds of jewelry. They have been offering better service to the customer with affordable price. People all over the world build up their relationship with this company just about purchasing the best jewelry whatever they expect.  Harry Winston is a company which offering engagement rings, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry and so on. Let me particularize about the company so that you get much information about the features and privileges of the company.


Buccelatti – To Go for Gemstones with Myriads of Design


this is an image of bucelleti jewelryFor over 30 years, Buccelatti has done the purchasing and selling of fine estate and designer exclusive jewelry for more than three decades. After a 30-years-long exclusive dealing, the company has finally decided to bring its maturing business plans to translate into action. Their amazing finds and fair prices are there to the public scrutiny. Visit oakgem.com to have a better exposure to the exclusive designs, rare collection of gemstones, precious metallic materials, and wide categories.

Where is Buccelatti located?  

The jewelry company is located in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The customers can visit the company site first and if anyone wishes to visit the physical set up in person, he or she has to make a call to fix an appointment.

The categories offered by Buccelatti:

The categories are most common for a jewelry company. Below they go:

  • Brooches & Pins
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklace
  • Cufflinks  


GRAFF – Best Jewelry Company in U.S.

Graff Diamonds is a world-renowned British jeweler based in London. Graff is perhaps one of the few jewelers that are involved at every stage in the sourcing of diamonds, their cutting, and polishing, the design of iconic pieces and their subsequent retail distribution. The company is a signatory to the Kimberly process that outlaws knowingly and intentionally purchasing or selling rough diamonds from areas that such transaction would result in conflict. Graff diamonds is home to some of the most iconic jewels on the planet. This fact accompanied with a rich and illustrious history renders Graff the go-to source for luxury jewels, timepieces, necklaces and other widely sort after pieces.

graff jewelery

Inception And History Of Graff

Graff Diamonds company was founded back in 1960 in the city of London by Laurence Graff. Born of a Romanian mother and a Russian father in 1938, Laurence Graff left the Central School of Arts and Crafts at the young age of 15 to join an apprenticeship. A short while afterward, Laurence joined up with a small time jeweler named Schindler. The partnership was however short lived as their shop went out of business. Laurence Graff started marketing his own jewelry designs all over England. By 1962, Laurence Graff had two jewelry shops in London’s Hatton Gardens, the jewelry trade epicenter since the medieval times. (more…)

Tiffany and Tiffany’s – Stands for Style and Heritage in Jewelry  

Tiffany & Co is better known for eye-catching designs and manufacturing the finest jewelry in the world. People look for ornament pieces that are elegant in designs, are manufactured from perfect, pure, and precious materials. Now, it is not an easy task to find a company who ensures all these along with an affordable and trusted price. Tiffany is Jewelry Company of the said qualities.

Do you want to know more about Tiffany & Company? Here is a quick glance of what the U. S. Company is all about.

tiffany and co

What luxury goods Tiffany And Company offers?

Tiffany and Company, also known as Tiffany and Tiffany’s, manufactures and designs a fabulously wide range of jewelry pieces. All the catchy and aristocrat goods are diamond jewelry, sterling silver, crystal, leather products, and accessories. Tiffany specializes in theses luxury goods.

Tiffany jewelry spreads across all generations of people. From young girls to the elderly. At the home of an older lady I help take care of for http://activecareseniorcare.com, the bed stand is scattered full of her various Tiffany bracelets. And of course, she always has her Tiffany necklace on.

Where is Tiffany and Tiffany’s located?

Tiffany has several stores all the U.S.A over, but the Tiffany Headquarter is housed in the heart of the New York City. This location makes the job of the jewelry lovers the entire world over find their desired luxury goods easy and simple. The company sells its jewelry through stores and the distant jewelry lovers can reach here through direct-mail.  (more…)

Cartier – Jewelry Company in U.S

Cartier, also known as Société Cartier, is a French luxury jewelry and accessory maker. The company has its headquarters located in Paris, France. Cartier is best known for its high-end jewelry, luxury watches and to a large extent its high profile clients that range from Monarchs to top figures in society. Other than the traditional jewelry the company is famously known for, Cartier’s product portfolio has in recent years expanded to include other luxury items such as leather products, perfumes, a collection of exceptional pieces such as cufflinks, writing implements, money clips, key rings, lighters, and eyewear. The company has numerous stores and outlets spread out across over 125 countries globally.

cartier jewel

Inception And History

Louis-François Cartier was born in Paris in 1819. He learned the craft of watchmaking from Adolphe Picard through apprenticeship and finally took over the workshop. The Cartier brand came into existence 1847 when Louis- François actively set out to pursue his passion for watchmaking. His son, Alfred Cartier took over operations in the year 1874. Alfred’s sons Pierre, Jacques and Louis went ahead to set up shop in London, New York, and Paris establishing the Cartier brand worldwide. Cartier in the following years remained a family-owned and managed business, achieving success and recognition by numerous aristocrats in Europe and Asia. (more…)